SssuUp LogoA web based application that aims to facilitate interaction between users. Individuals can submit events/actions indicating what they feel like doing and where they want to perform that action. The created events are being displayed on a publicly visible (Google) Map. The vision is to enable people who leave in a close proximity and have similar interests to meet and interact. The app is highly expandable and can be used for example in a university context especially among but not constrain to new students. It can be expanded by allowing users to create custom events, access/edit/enhance their profiles and interact with each other through email and chat. The app was conceived, designed and developed in collaboration with Gaurav Lahoti and Nikhil Tayal during a 24- hour IEEE hackathon in UIUC. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Google Maps API, Facebook API

  • Visit: SssuUp App
  • Collaborators: Nikhil Tayal, Gaurav Lahoti.