Invisible City

Invisible City LogoThis is a pervasive game designed during the 9th and 10th semester of my studies at the University of Patras, for the purposes of my diploma thesis with title “Development and Evaluation of Collaborative Applications for Mobile devices”.

The aim of this project was the design, development and evaluation of collaborative applications for mobile devices. For this study, a pervasive game was developed, which supports multiple players and can be played simultaneously in numerous cities by different groups of players. This game belongs to an emerging genre that mixes reality with the virtual digital world, using the real space as the gaming environment. The game developed, uses the main elements of bluff, deception and role-playing. For its development an iterative design model was followed with the evaluation taking place with various techniques and methods in different stages of development. The implementation was realized for smart phones running Android, a new (at the time of development) platform for mobile devices from Google and the OHA(Open Handset Alliance).

* Available only in Greek