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How to install WordPress through cPanel using Simple Scripts

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Before you proceed, make sure your hosting provider offers you access to your data through cPanel and is listing under Software/Services (usually) the service Simple Scripts.

1. Log in to your hosting area. Then locate Simple Scripts on your screen and click on it.

Illustration of Selecting Simple Scripts on cPanel

2. Locate WordPress and click on it. It is usually under the Blogs Category.

Illustration on where to locate WordPress on Simple Scripts

3. On the screen that appears, click “Install “to install WordPress. There are also useful information and links about WordPress on that screen.

Location of the Simple Script, WordPress Install button

4. Configure your installation.

On this screen you are directed to follow 4 simple steps to complete your installation.

  • Step 1: Installation Preferences.

Which version of WordPress would you like to install? Choose the latest stable version from the dropdown box.

Where would you like WordPress installed?

If you already purchase a domain name for your WordPress website/blog  from the same company that provides you with the hosting plan, choose that domain name.

If you have purchased a domain name from another company for your WordPress website, or didn’t purchase a domain name yet, choose your main domain name and add to the empty box next to it, a name for the folder inside that domain which will be used to store/install your WordPress website/blog.  When you buy a domain name for your WordPress website/blog you can make it point to that folder.

Configuration Step 1


  • Step 2: Advanced Options

                Click on the “Click here to display” link.

Configuration Step 2

Clicking that button will show details about your new website that you are trying to install.

Please give your new site a name: I chose to name my new site “All About Technology“. Replace that with your desired name. This name will be probably visible on your website and the URL of your website according to the theme you will choose.

Generate a random Administrator username and password for me. Leave that checkbox empty and instead input your own username and password. You will need that details to administer your website. I chose “admin” as username and the very bad password “thisismypassword“. Replace those with your own. Try to include uppercase characters, lowercase characters, special characters, numeric as well as alphabetical characters in your password.

Automatically create a new database. Check that box as it will allow Simple Scripts to create a database to be used by our new WordPress website instead of having to create it on ourselves.

Configuration Step 2: Details


  • Step 3: Plugins and Themes

By default Simple Scripts has the Cashie Commerce plugin, the SmallBiz Theme and the Wiziapp checked in order to be installed on your website. The Cashie Commerce plugin is a plugin that helps you to sell directly from your site using PayPal. The SmallBiz theme is a good flexible theme to start with. Finally the Wiziapp is a plugin that helps you turn your WordPress site into a native iPhone Application.

Configuration Step 3


  • Step 4: Legal Information

1. Read the GPLv2 licence agreement and check the “I have read the terms and conditions on the GPLv2 licence agreement” box.

2. Then click “Complete“.

Configuration Step 4

5. Simple Scripts will now begin installing your WordPress website.

Installing WordPress

6. Once the installation is finished, you can access your WordPress website/blog and your administrator backend to maintain and enhance your site, following the links provided.

Installation Finished


The Site URL will direct you to your new WordPress site.

The New WordPress Website/Blog


To apply any modifications to your site you must access it through the backend/admin dashboard by following the Login URL . When you follow the Login URL you will see a Log In page where you must input your username and password as  you defined them in Step 2.

WordPress Log In Screen


CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now the proud owner of a WordPress website/blog.

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